5 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support & Why Managed Service Provider is Great for your Small Business

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We recognize that the Internet and cloud services are convoluted, and there are tons of additional support functions that you are still trying to grasp.

Not only you’ve to manage cloud hosting, device management, print services, disaster recovery & but there are many concerns about cybersecurity as well.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed learning and to take care of all these things. After all, you need more time to work on your core deliverables.

As businesses of all shapes and sizes are now preferring to seek IT support services, but the advantages of outsourcing are especially visible for small businesses.

Let’s discuss some of the Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support for Small Businesses

Reduced Financial Burden

When you think of outsourcing IT support, the first immediate benefit is the reduced costs for your small business. Hiring a specialist IT service means that you are downsizing your costs associated with staffing, training, providing insurance and other benefits to new employees. Your Managed Service Provider (MSP) will be responsible for the hiring and managing of the IT personnel.

Also, you are not merely engaging one employee but a team of experts with a wide-ranging knowledge base. This helps in providing great insights and develop specific strategies that would save money for your organization in the long term.

Moreover, most IT support services have a good vendor relationship and understand technologies much better than their clients. This provides another advantage of lower overhead associated costs, especially when you are bulk purchasing hardware and software licenses.

With outsourced IT operations, you can convert the massive capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs into scalable and easy to manage operational costs. This essentially means that you can control your spending and pay for only what you need.

Expert Staff at your Disposal

Usually, companies think of leveraging the services of MSPs because they have a team which is trained and skilled in diverse IT disciplines. An MSP is typically a composite of different teams with core competencies, qualifications and certifications in various aspects of the technology. Moreover, these IT support services are continually learning and get trained in new technologies.

Hence, you are not merely saving your time of hiring and training employees, but also have the advantage of working with IT experts who will strategize and give extensive consultancy for your long-term plans.

Focus on Your Core Business

The best benefit of outsourcing your IT support is that an expert agency will handle your day-to-day maintenance of the servers, check the health of your computers, and perform data backups. Hence, you free up your internal resources, and your team members can devote more time designing and implementing new strategies to grow your business.

Once your team is available to plan and meet strategic business goals, you’ll witness a significant increase in employee productivity and start generating value from your IT resources.

Complete compliance and Security

MSPs make sure to stay on top of your compliance regulations. They will help you protect your client data, financial or any sensitive information, which is otherwise very hard and time-consuming to secure.

Starting from updating your firewalls to workstation and server audits, the IT services make sure that everything is correctly done to meet compliance standards.

Also, MSP will continuously monitor your network for any threat and ensure that your software licenses are up-to-date, and users comply with software guidelines.

Leverage Sophisticated Technologies

The primary benefit of hiring an MSP is that you get access to IT resources that may not be available internally for your small business. These technologies can be extremely beneficial in case you’ve some time-sensitive projects or when your business is expanding quickly.

The combined knowledge of an experienced IT team provides a high return on investment. Moreover, small businesses can take advantage of full vendor support because MSPs understand the program better and get special pricing as a value-added-reseller.

It’s the Right Time to Outsource

Usually, small businesses are in a dilemma if they should hire an IT support service or not. But if you are growing business, you’ll need to adapt to the change. At Discovernet, we have been helping small businesses to scale up with an innovative approach to solving productivity challenges. Our smart bundle of services brings remarkable value to an organization and its end-users. We help you give them access to the right tools and resources with complete Help desk supportBook your consultation with Shawn to further discuss the benefits of outsourcing IT support.

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