What Makes us Discovernet?

Empowering IT solutions and experimenting with new ways to assist our clients – Discovernet has evolved over the years as more humane technical support and Managed Service Provider

When Discovernet was launched in 2000, the company aimed to advance the technical capabilities of the small and medium enterprises – rendering technological access, implementation aptitude and management skills on the scale leveraged by Fortune 500 companies.

However, in the last couple of years, we are transitioning to more client-focused technology solutions with a deep-dive emphasis on customer experience – reinforcing human touchpoints 

What We Do? 

At Discovernet, we are genuinely converging on providing quality business advice and common-sense technology solutions to business owners in the Greater Toronto Area.

We leverage our extensive expertise and experience to implement tailor-built IT solutions for clients across a variety of industries including –manufacturing, pharmaceutical, accounting, law, insurance, and owner-operated SMBs.

How We Do, What We Do?

We work day and night to support innovations and technologies which matter to our client’s business.

You won’t find a “one size fits all” approach here!

The simple theory is to make your daily operations more focused and productive. We achieve this by

  • Providing businesses with the competitive technology strategy and services 
  • Streamlining your systems and processes by making them more responsive and efficient 
  • Eliminating unseen security risks
  • Implementing proven solutions that help to increase employee productivity
  • Designing industry-specific solutions which commit to rapidly changing business requirements

More Responsive Systems

Remote access 24/7 customer care

Greater ROI from Infrastructure

Critical system updates and compliance

Improved Employee Productivity

Increased security for data

Customer Experience Like Never Before!

When it comes to customer service, nobody beats Discovernet

We firmly believe no other MSP can match our guaranteed response times, extraordinary customer support, or Discovernet’s ability to provide common sense technology solutions customized to your expectations. 

 Starting with as essential as following our service tickets, monitoring client issues, communicating regularly, we make sure every interaction with Discovernet is productive.

Over the years, being empathetic and understanding of our client endeavours has increased our success rate, and now we have a dedicated customer experience team, helping our technical staff with more personalized service flow.