Cloud Services

Thin Client

Application Hosting/Thin Desktop

Application hosting in the cloud is an attractive alternative for businesses wishing to opt out of committing to the time and resources required to maintain a physical server environment in their own offices. Remotely hosting your server and applications via cloud storing not only takes the worry and effort from your business, but offers you the security of a full service guarantee and back-up facilities.

Backup & Recovery

Financial records, contracts, and client information are the foundation of your business. Keeping this in mind, companies are still using data information backup processes that rely on local and unreliable mechanical devices such as tape backup and tape vaulting procedures. The issue is that storing crucial data on physical equipment does not protect against media (hard drive, tape device) failure, human error, sabotage, natural disaster, and viruses. The second problem arises when it is necessary to recover data (or file) quickly to assure avoid disruptions. To ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster, Discovernet helps businesses achieve rapid data recovery while meeting regulatory security mandates and depending on the proposal or client requirements, mention any exceptions at that time if required.

Backup and recovery
Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting

A fundamental and affordable solution for your cloud services is to create an infrastructure that is essentially transparent to you and your users. As a business owner, Discovernet provides you assurance that your virtual server is protected and data is stored in a secure location. There is no IT expertise at all needed on your part for setting up this Hosted Virtual Server environment. Our team of professionals will set up your cloud services remotely and seamlessly, guaranteeing your users will not encounter any disruptions in the process.


Discovernet provides a secure virtual environment for your servers and network equipment. We ensure protection on our colocation cloud services and provide logistical support to benefit your company in the long-term. Our flexible cloud computing space options are backed up by state-of-the-art environmental, redundant power and carrier-agnostic multiple OC3 Internet connectivity. And, we guarantee our managed colocation services with an industry-leading Service Level Guarantee.

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Web Hosting

Web/Email Hosting

When hosting your website with Discovernet, one of our professional website developers will interact directly with you to set up the company website, email accounts and ensure all web and email functionalities are operating properly and effectively. Experience the benefits of a hosted Microsoft Exchange email and collaboration service that includes advanced, flexible and generous email features and functions.