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Discovernet provides extensive IT services for your business’ server & network to protect your business and keep information secure. Information thieves, hackers and viruses all pose serious threats, not only to your server, but also to the health of your business. Server and network protection begin with a security audit to determine your network’s vulnerability. A system is then integrated to constantly check on patches, ports, passwords and firewalls – these are the many gateways that allow hackers and virus writers to infiltrate your network & cause problems. With this secure IT system in place, a surge in activity will indicate to us you are having server trouble and we can handle the problem immediately so that the safety of your company and client information is never compromised.


Our IT support services for desktop and mobile devices ensure relief for your company that your information systems are being managed accurately. Knowing your computers and network are operating efficiently, performing optimally and are in a secure state is essential in ensuring employee productivity and that your business is running smoothly. Discovernet will monitor and analyze activity on desktop and mobile platforms constantly, so if any technological interruptions occur, our IT professionals will proactively provide solutions to mitigate the problem.

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Technology Services

Are your technology objectives aligned with your business goals? Discovernet’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Strategy Management Services help business owners and executives develop and manage a business technology strategy. Our technology service provides our clients with access to highly experienced and qualified IT managers that expertly apply information technology to achieve business goals for a variety of businesses and industries.

Business Continuity

A well-structured disaster recovery plan will create possibilities for smoother data recovery solutions and resume your business operations to normality. Through proper planning and implementation by Discovernet’s IT solutions, your disaster recovery plan will ensure lost data is retrieved and your business continues to function optimally. Discovernet will provide guidance through the disaster recovery process and will help your organization make accurate implementation decisions through our systems management solutions.

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Managed Print

True Managed Print Services goes beyond merely bundling devices, supplies and service and charging by the page. Managed Print Services require effective analysis and constant management in order to align with your business objectives. Discovernet uses a suite of fully customizable tools and processes to constantly improve your managed print output. Through our managed print services, our clients can be assured they have control over the output quality of the print services and employing this service will help increase productivity without incurring a major expense.