Security Designed to Meet Your Needs

Discovernet specializes in deploying security technologies and services to provide total protection and business continuity.

We provide the network and data security services needed to keep your organization’s IP, customer information and other data safe from the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats facing today’s businesses.  As experienced industry leaders, we maintain healthy working relationships with a variety of security technology providers, which enables to provide you with the most appropriate security tools for your specific industry and organization – including both open-source and commercial packages. 

Whether you need us to augment your existing IT infrastructure to improve security, or build a scalable network from the ground up, our expertise and access to today’s best hardware and software means we can design a solution to meet your needs and budget.


You may have built up a state-of-the-art IT system to protect sensitive data and critical business assets. But that’s just the start. 

Ongoing monitoring, detection, auditing and compliance are equally important; today’s business networks requires sophisticated data analysis and data mining tools to effectively detect, analyze and research threats.  

But with thousands of new security vulnerabilities identified each year and compliance requirements demanding detailed reporting and analysis of security events, the sheer volume of activity can be overwhelming.  

Through 24/7/365 monitoring of your security infrastructure we can address problems before you ever know they happened, and free up valuable time for your team.


Here are some good questions to ask to determine if your business has a handle on its IT security. And if the answers make your heart drop, don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

    Are you spending too much time putting out fires, rather than preventing them and advancing your business instead? Do you have trained security experts on staff? Is your team able to watch the network 24/7/365 and carefully evaluate each potential threat that is identified? 
    It’s not a matter of IF you’ll face a breach, but when. How confident are you that your network can withstand the latest threats? How long will it take before you even know you have been compromised? How do you know if you already have been compromised? 
    Are your systems experiencing unnecessary amounts of downtime reacting to problems that could have been detected earlier or prevented entirely? 
    In addition to HIPAA, SOX, PCI and PIPEDA every state and province has information security laws. Are you faced with compliance changes that can come quickly and leave your organization off guard? How would you fare in an audit? 


We put experienced experts and state of the art technology tools in place to watch your systems while your team gets do something even more important… focus on your business goals. 


  • We partner with you to give you the ability to expand your IT team for high-level oversight and planning, project needs, or emergency coverage. 
  • We triage systems issues to distinguish which one’s truly demand attention and filter out the day to day noise.
  • We help protect you from costly downtime, breaches and fines. 
  • We safeguard your organization’s interests against the aggression of security breaches and against the evolving challenges of compliance changes. 
  • Helping existing IT to work on your business goals and processes vs being distracted by ever growing cyber threats. 
  • Filtering out what threats are relevant to your company 

At Discovernet, we take a holistic approach to security that focuses on addressing and solving the business issues unique to your organization. We will provide you with expert guidance on both what you need to protect and how to do it based on your budget. And we’ll also help you build a business continuity plan to keep you moving should disaster strike. And we believe in providing education to empower your staff to take an active part in improving security 

Most importantly, we take the time to learn your business so we can help develop a security solution that makes sense for you.  

If you want to find out how Discovernet can develop a cost-effective security solution to protect your assets and keep you prepared in the face of evolving security threats, why not drop us a line and start a conversation?

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