Millions of people are making use of contemporary mobile platforms on a daily basis and we understand that quality mobile device application development should contribute to positive user experience. Discovernet is not limited with just decent implementation of innovative app ideas, but given our business-oriented approach we refine these ideas and enhance the mobile application product further.



A web application is a software system that is accessed via a web browser over the Internet.  Web applications are popular due to the ubiquity of the browser as a client.  These web applications allow users to be creative, to collaborate, to gather and to get tasks accomplished using a simple web browser and access to the Internet.

desktop-mobile services


Before the creation of the Internet, companies relied heavily on desktop applications to perform daily business tasks. In some scenarios, it is logical to make use of desktop applications to appropriately handle the task at hand versus business applications available online. Desktop applications can be optimized for the operating system in which they run thus increasing performance and reliability. In addition, desktop applications provide the ability to integrate with other applications installed on the PC. This is not the case with web applications since browsers provide little or no access to the computer viewing it.