Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Did you know a recent study found that nearly half of all cyberattacks target businesses with less than 250 employees, and that it’s been reported that 60% of small businesses close within six months of a cyberattack?
Whether large or small, every organization should be developing and updating an information technology disaster recovery plan.


Discovernet Disaster Recovery Solutions 


A disaster recovery plan is an essential component of business continuity planning and can help minimize downtime in the event your IT system, and the essential data it contains, is compromised.  

By making the necessary arrangements to help your organization resume normal operations as quickly as possible, minimizing financial and reputational damage to your organization. 

We do this by managing, monitoring, and testing daily backups – making sure they are scheduled and executed, ensuring your data is always available. 

Prepare for the Unexpected with Business Continuity 

A well-structured disaster recovery plan will create possibilities for smoother data recovery solutions and resume your business operations to normality. Through proper planning and implementation by Discovernet’s IT solutions, your disaster recovery plan will ensure lost data is retrieved and your business continues to function optimally. 

Discovernet will provide guidance through the disaster recovery process and will help your organization make accurate implementation decisions through our systems management solutions.  

If you’d like to learn more about this topic, this blog post covers the basics of what goes into a disaster recovery plan. And if you’d like to learn more about how we can protect your business, we’d be happy to discuss your options.

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