Discovernet specializes in deploying security technologies and services to provide total protection and business continuity.  We are your partner to best protect you from cyber threats. Its our team’s job to keep up to keep your company protected. As security Experts we determine and advise on potential solutions for any issues and threats you are having within your current environment, or your future needs.

We are the experienced leaders in the industry and maintain inter-working relationships with multiple manufacturers of all types of security technology. We are able to recommend the best solution for your organizations needs whether that be Open Source to leading commercial solutions.

Discovernet provides network & data security services for its customers, keeping your organization’s IP, customer information and all other data safe from the ever-growing threats that we face in today’s digital world.

Utilizing our combined experience along with today’s best hardware and software solutions, Discovernet can augment existing infrastructure to ensure it provides the necessary security for your organization, or set up secure networks of all sizes and types from the ground up.

We have helped organizations in a wide variety of industry, and have the knowledge, the tools and the experience required to keep your network and data secure.

We provide solutions that help clients to develop, deploy and sustain an effective long term network and information security plan. We deliver on these solutions by supplying our clients with the intelligence required to make informed decisions, the products that provide insight and enforcement, the expertise to ensure smooth integration and the operational support to sustain performance

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